Beard Transplant in Bangalore

The beard has become a fashion trend – more and more men are now looking at maintaining a full beard and there are several brands that are catering to the needs of beard upkeep. But what do you if you are not able to get a full beard or have extremely patchy and uneven growth? Simple – you can consider a beard transplant! A beard transplant is just what it says – hair taken from a specific part of your body and implanted into your facial region to recreate a moustache or a beard.

In most cases, the facial hair reconstruction process is done via FUE (in some cases, where there is the need for a larger number of grafts, FUT might be chosen) and in the hands of a talented and experienced surgeon, you should be able to have a sculpted beard, designed as per your needs.

Ideal Candidate for Beard Hair Transplant?

Now simply because you have decided that you want a beard or moustache hair transplant does not mean that you can immediately get one. There are certain factors that make you an ideal candidate:

  • You need to have sufficient amount of hair on your head, because this is the preferred choice for beard transplant
  • You need to be in overall good health
  • If you had minimal hair growth in the beard region
  • If there was hair loss due to medical condition, injuries, scarring or surgeries

How do Beard Transplants Work?

The process of a beard transplant is not much different as compared to a regular hair transplant:

  • Firstly, the donor and recipient areas will be demarcated
  • The beard and moustache will be designed and marked with a pen
  • Depending on the requirement of grafts, FUT or FUE methods will be chosen
  • The grafts will be harvested from the head, either from a strip of hair or via micro-punches
  • Slits will be made in the facial region
  • The grafts will be implanted into the slits

Once the procedure has been completed, the surgical area will be cleaned and a dressing will be done, post which you will need to take all the prescribed precautions. Over the next few weeks, you will see the grafts falling out and new hair growing in.

Techniques Used for Beard Transplant

As is the case with any hair transplant, there are mainly two methods of doing a transplant – FUE or FUT. When you go to a trustworthy facial hair transplant clinic, you will be first explained the two methods along with the pros and cons of both.

  • If you are being suggested an FUT, a strip of hair will be taken from the back of the crown and the required grafts will be harvested from this strip. The grafts will then be carefully placed into the beard region. The region from the strip was taken will be sutured back, leaving nothing more than a linear scar.
  • If you are being suggested an FUE, the grafts will be individually harvested via micro-punches and each graft will be implanted into the pre-created slits.

Cost of Beard Transplant in Bangalore

There is no fixed beard transplant cost in Bangalore because the requirement of each person will vary from the other, which is why the billing amount for each person will be different. There are numerous factors that affect the final amount:

  • The extent and detailing of the beard will determine how many grafts are needed
  • The amount of grafts that are actually harvested
  • The amount of hair in the donor area, generally the crown
  • The experience and expertise of the surgeon the more experienced the surgeon, the higher the rate
  • The clinic – the geographical location, how well quipped the clinic is
  • The experience of the support staff
  • The equipment and tools being used – if the same are higher end and sophisticated, it could cost you more

Choosing a Beard Transplant Clinic and Surgeon

Choosing the ideal surgeon and clinic is essential for a beard transplant success rate and in order to choose the same, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind:

  • Look for a clinic that has been around for a while – a new clinic might look swanky, but there is no guarantee that they can do a good job
  • You need to look for a surgeon who has sufficient experience, is associated with the appropriate boards and has the required licenses and certifications
  • The actual location of the clinic also makes a difference – a good clinic will generally be located in a good area
  • The experience and expertise of the support staff is also important and you should ask about the same

Recovery Period in Beard Transplant

Once you get your facial hair transplant in Bangalore, you will be asked to do certain things and avoid others; if you want positive results of the transplant, it is imperative that you adhere to them. If the procedure has been done properly, your recovery should start within the week. It is important that you not itch the surgical area or wash it aggressively. In the first few weeks, you will see the initial grafts falling out and this is normal – within the next few months, you should see the permanent hair growing in and in less than a year, you should see a full beard.

Beard Transplant After-Care

  • Immediately after the procedure, there could be some numbness – this is normal and happens due to the anaesthesia. You might be suggested liquid foods on the first day and semi-solid foods on the second day.
  • For the first five days, you will be asked to keep the surgical area moist as this will lead to the formation of scabs.
  • You need to make sure that when you take a bath, you use a mug and not splash water.
  • You will be asked not to shave or trim the region for at least 8 days

It is important that you adhere to all these precautions and take whatever medication has been prescribed to you for the said number of days.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be several factors that can cause a patchy beard or lesser hair growth in the beard region. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Age – if you are too young or too old
  • Genetics – if there is hair loss in the family
  • Hormones – if there are any hormonal issues in the body
  • Poor diet – if you are not eating a balanced and nutrient rich diet
  • Medical – if there is an infection or any other medical condition

Does beard transplant work? Will the transplant be permanent? These are perhaps the most commonly asked questions and the answer is simple – if your procedure has been done by an experienced surgeon and in a proper clinic, there is no reason why your transplant should not be a permanent one and one that lasts you a really long time.

When you are looking for the best beard transplant clinic in Bangalore you need to make sure that you consider the following:

  • Start with a reputed and experienced surgeon
  • Choose a clinic that is well equipped and a good location
  • Ask to see their client testimonials as well as before and after pictures
  • How you need to handle your hair and grafts with care

Absolutely! If the procedure has not been done properly, there is a full chance that it can fail or go wrong. If the grafts have not been extracted properly, or if the implantation has not been done in the correct manner, there is a good chance that you will not see the results that you wanted. If the implanting has not been done in the natural direction of hair, the transplant will become very obvious.

A beard transplant is generally done via FUE, which means that the harvesting is done via micro-punches. Once the hair of the beard grows back in, the tiny punches should get hidden underneath. However, it is the talent and the experience as well as expertise of the surgeon that will determine the quality of the procedure.

This is something that we will be able to assist you with, once we have a face to face consultation with you. Our expert surgeons will give you a thorough examination, examine the recipient area, understand the quality of the grafts and then guide you towards the best course of action.

If your transplant has been done by an experienced surgeon, there is no reason why the beard transplant result should not look absolutely natural. An expert surgeon will ensure that the grafts are implanted in line with the natural hair growth, in the right density and in tandem with the natural hairline.

What Our Patients Say

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