Revision Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Many a times, after you have gotten your hair transplant, you are still not happy or satisfied with the results – you could not be happy with the density or want more volume on your head. Alternately, your transplant might not have been done properly at all; there is a possibility that the graft harvesting or the implantation was not done properly. There is also the chance that the hairline was not designed properly or the implantation was not done in line with the direction of natural hair growth, making the transplant look very obvious. And then there are people for whom the transplant just did not take hold the way it should have.

If any of these hold true for you, then you just might want to consider hair transplant correction surgery!

When to go for Revision or Repair Hair Transplant?

Now simply because you are not happy with the way your hair looks does not necessarily make you a candidate for a revision surgery. There are some factors that need to be taken into consideration before you can go for this procedure:

  • Your first transplant did not take hold and new hair growth was negligible
  • The hairline was not designed properly and the transplant looks very uneven
  • The implantation was not done properly and the new hair has grown in random directions, making the transplant very obvious
  • There is not just enough volume or hair on your head and you want a fuller head of hair
  • Due to some medical problem or trauma, you lost more hair and want to get the hair you lost back

Techniques Used in Revision Hair Transplant

If you have been found a suitable candidate for a revision surgery, then there are a few methods that could be used for you:

  • FUE Hair Transplant: If the purpose is to simply add volume or correct a slightly erroneous hairline, this would be the procedure of choice. The required number of grafts would be extracted via micro-punches and implanted into the designated areas.
  • FUT Hair Transplant: In case there are too many issues, then the surgeon might suggest an FUT – provided there is a sufficient donor area still, a strip will be removed and grafts will be excised from it.

Cost of Revision Hair Transplant in Bangalore

As is the case with a normal hair transplant, there is no way that any clinic can tell you a clear rate, without giving you a proper examination. There are several factors that will determine your final hair transplant revision cost:

  • The surgeon will first check your donor region – if there is still a sufficient amount of donor area and whether there will be enough grafts
  • The manner in which the first transplant was done – whether the hairline was created properly, how the density was managed in the first transplant
  • The number of grafts that are needed again will affect the cost
  • The procedure being chosen for the revision surgery (FUE or FUT) will also have a role to play

Common Challenges in Repair Hair Transplant

Unlike a regular hair transplant, a revision hair transplant surgery tends to be slightly more complicated – there are several reasons of this and the most common challenges include:

  • Because one hair transplant has already been done, the size of the donor area could have been sizably reduced – with lesser donor hair at hand, there is an obvious challenge
  • If the first transplant had not been done properly, there is a chance that there is plenty of scar tissue still present and this poses the next problem
  • When the first time around, the hairline was not designed properly, it makes the revision a lot more difficult
  • If the placement of the grafts was not done properly the first time around, or if the angles were not chosen correctly and the grafts were not placed in accordance, there is no way that the transplant will work out properly, leading to the need of another one

Best Surgeon for Revision Hair transplant in Bangalore

Choose the best clinic for revision hair transplant in Bangalore and chances are that you will also get to be treated by the best surgeon too. When you are looking for the best surgeon for a revision transplant, you need to make sure that you keep these following factors in mind:

  • Choose a surgeon who has plenty of experienced and preferably has an expertise in revision surgery
  • Ask to see the before and after photos as well as client testimonials
  • Choose a clinic that is licensed and has all the appropriate licenses and certifications
  • Ask about the support staff as well because without their assistance completing the procedure will be difficult

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons why a hair transplant is not successful or does not give the desired results and some of them include:

  • When the graft extraction has not been done properly
  • When the grafts have not been implanted properly
  • If the necessary precautions were not taken prior and post the surgery
  • Inexperience of the surgeon or the support staff
  • Lack of modern machines and equipment

If you are not happy with the way your transplant has turned out, you could always consider the correction of bad hair transplant, but make sure that you get it done from a reputed and recognised clinic and at the hands of a certified and experienced surgeon. Once the surgeon has taken into account what all has gone wrong, they should be able to suggest remedial actions to give you hair that you always wanted.

After your revision transplant, it is imperative that you follow every precaution that you have been advised by the surgical team. This could include information on:

  • How you should clean and wash your head in the days following the procedure
  • How to sleep with your head elevated
  • The number of days that you will need to avoid alcohol and smoking/tobacco
  • How you need to handle your hair and grafts with care

It is also important that you take all the medication that you have been prescribed, take the efforts to keep the surgical site clean and contact the clinic, as and when needed.

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