Mole Removal Treatment in Bangalore

An otherwise beautiful face could be marred due to the appearance of a large mole; the presence of a mole on a part of the body could be a cause of immense worry too and although in most cases, moles are benign and nothing more than an extra growth, in some cases, it could be the indication of something serious. If you are looking for professional mole removal treatment, it is imperative that you look for a clinic that is reputed, licensed and certified for the procedure that you are looking for.

If you are in the city of Bangalore, then your best bet would be AK Clinics, which is home to several certified and experienced doctors who will not only diagnose your mole and of course, offer you the best course of removing it.

What is a Mole?

The medical term for a mole is a nevi and these are one of the most common forms of skin growths – they tend to present in the form of small spots that are often dark brown in colour. They are caused by a cluster of pigmented cells and are generally not dangerous. In very rare cases, they could be cancerous, leading to the need for mole removal by laser or manual excision.

How does a mole removal work?

Your first step needs to be to figure out whether the mole really needs to be removed or not – if the mole is small and benign, your doctor might suggest that you not touch it at all. However, if you are getting a mole removal in Bangalore done, these are the mainly two methods of mole removal:

  • Manual excision – In this procedure, the skin around the mole is carefully cut and the mole is removed. Depending on how big the incision was, the area will be sutured back.
  • Laser – This is a minimally invasive procedure and uses laser to target the pigmented cells inside the mole – by destroying the pigments, the mole becomes a lot lighter and less visible.

Mole Removal Costs in Bangalore

Mole removal cost in Bangalore will vary based on several factors including:

  • Where the clinic is located – posh locations could mean higher billing
  • How experienced the doctor performing your procedure is
  • The manner in which the procedure is being done – manual excision or laser
  • How big the mole is – the bigger the mole, the more it could cost
  • In case the mole removal is not completed in one session, each session could cost you

What are the Benefits of Mole Removal?

How you look plays a huge role in your confidence levels and a mole could be what could be affecting that confidence. By considering mole removal on face or any other obviously visible part of the body, you could actually reap several benefits:

  • It can improve your physical looks and give you greater self confidence
  • In case the mole has cancerous cells, it could reduce or even remove the chances of the cancer spreading
  • It can make shaving easy, especially if there are protruding moles
  • If the mole is causing any pain, this can help you get rid of the same

Why choose AK Clinics for mole removal?

Whether you have a benign mole that is ruining your look or a mole that could potentially be more dangerous, it would be wise to head for the best clinic for mole removal in Bangalore – at AK Clinics, you will receive not just the best treatment but also so much more:

  • You will have access to some of the finest doctors and experts in the country, who are extremely experienced
  • With modern machines and equipment, the procedure is pain free and effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mole removal safe & permanent?

Rather than looking for any random mole removal clinic near me, it is important that you choose a clinic of repute – when the procedure is done properly, there is no reason why it cannot be permanent and safe. However, if the procedure is not done properly, there is a risk of infection, which could lead to further problems.

When the procedure is done by an expert, and with the right tools and machines, there is no reason why there should be any scarring. But if someone who is inexperienced does the procedure or if the procedure is not done properly, it could lead to infections and those infections could lead to scarring.

The method of removing a mole includes cutting the skin around the mole and excising it; but as painful as it might sound, there is no actual pain. Before the procedure, you will be administered a local anaesthesia, which will make this a painless experience – in case the mole is really large, the area will be stitched up.

Generally moles are considered cosmetic issues which is why they are not normally covered by insurance. However, if the mole is related to some serious health issue and your doctor is able to certify the same, you could probably apply for insurance. It would be prudent to get the same clarified with your health and insurance provider.

There are certain moles that might have cancerous cells within them, which is why the doctor will suggest the removal of the same. Unless the cells start to spread from the mole or the removal of the mole has not been done properly, there is no evidence that this procedure could lead to cancer.

A keloid is the formation of fibrous tissue that tends to appear at the site of a scar or post the removal of a mole. If the process of mole removal has not been done properly or it was not done in a hygienic manner, it can lead to an infection, which in turn could lead to a keloid. This is why proper care after a mole removal is imperative.

Depending on the size of the mole, the mole could take anywhere between 10 to 25 days to heal. This is however also dependent on how well the removal procedure has been done – this recovery period will be based on the fact that there are no infections or complications.

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