Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore

While a few freckles during your younger age might look cute, as you grow, they start to become a hindrance to your looks, which is why you start to look for hyperpigmentation treatment. Hyperpigmentation is those dark spots that you notice on your skin and while these can appear on any part of the body, they are mostly visible on the face.

Getting the appropriate treatment at the right time could make all the difference – if you get the right treatment at the right time, you could have flawless skin. At AK Clinics, you can get the finest pigmentation removal procedures, which will give you real results.

What is Pigmentation/Hyperpigmentation?

Our body produces a pigment called melanin and when there is too much melanin production in the body, it can lead to spots appearing on your skin. This condition is known as hyperpigmentation and there are a few main types – melasma, sunspots and post-inflammatory. Each is caused by a slightly different reason and could lead to different problems if left untreated.

Right candidate for Pigmentation Treatment

If you have been noticing spots or freckles and you are worried that it could be hyperpigmentation, then you would first and foremost need to meet with an expert, who would be able to guide you about pigmentation treatment in Bangalore. You would be an ideal candidate for the treatment if:

  • There are too many spots on your face or body
  • The density of the spots is increasing
  • The spots are getting itchy or looking more like rashes

Common Symptoms of Pigmentation

So how do you find out if you have pigmentation; you need to look at the most common symptoms, as this is something that you could check on your own. Some of the most common symptoms would include:

  • You notice areas on the skin that look darker than the rest of the skin and this could be on any part of the body
  • There are patches of skin that were normal but start looking darker over a short span
  • Tiny spots that arise in clusters on the face or body, such as freckles on the face

Causes of Pigmentation of Pigmentation

Since there different types of body and facial pigmentation, the causes can also vary, but some of the main causes include:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun – this can lead to an increase in the production of melanin
  • If there has been an inflammation in the skin due to some reason, that could cause hyperpigmentation
  • Some types of medicines, especially the ones used for chemotherapy can cause hyperpigmentation
  • Conditions such as pregnancy can cause a hormonal change in the body and that can increase melanin production
  • Medical conditions such as Addison’s disease can affect the body’s adrenal glands and that can alter the melanin production of the body

Types of Pigmentation

There are mainly four types of pigmentation

  • Freckles – Perhaps the most common type of hyperpigmentation, this presents in the form of clusters of tiny spots that appear generally on the face and in some cases on the back.
  • Melasma – This type of pigmentation manifests deeper in the skin and tends to appear on the face in the form of dark patches. The condition can become worse due to over exposure to the sun, pregnancy or certain medical conditions.
  • Sunspots – Also known as liver spots or solar lentigines, these are spots that have more defined edges and can vary in colour. These are the spots that can develop into more serious conditions, such as skin cancer or melanoma.
  • Post-inflammatory – Pigmentation that arises due to acne, abrasion or even certain chemical based treatments is referred to as post inflammatory.

Cost Of Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore

The pigmentation treatment cost in Bangalore or any other city for that matter will vary on a variety of factors, some of which include:

  • The type of pigmentation that is affecting you
  • The density of the pigmentation or how widespread it is
  • Which part of the body is affected
  • What kind of procedure is being chosen for you
  • How many sessions will be needed/recommended
  • Which clinic you are choosing and how reputed it is
  • How experienced the doctor/dermatologist/cosmetologist is

Options available in Bangalore for Hyperpigmentation

Depending on the type of pigmentation that is affecting you, a course of action will be chosen and if you are coming to AK Clinics, these are just some of the options that will be in front of you:

  • If the pigmentation has only started or is really light, you might be suggested lightening creams or retinoids
  • Face pigmentation treatment also often includes abrasion techniques, such as microdermabrasion or dermabrasion – the top layer of the skin will be abraded to reveal lighter and healthier skin underneath
  • Chemical peels are also a way to remove the top layer of the skin and that gives you fresher and lighter skin
  • Laser is one of the most effective ways to reduce pigmentation – the laser targets the pigment of the melanin and destroys them, giving you lighter skin.

Why AK Clinics for Pigmentation Treatment?

It would not be wrong of you to ask why you should trust AK Clinics for your treatment and here are our reasons as to why you should choose us:

  • We are easily one of the best clinics for pigmentation treatment in the country today
  • We have a team of highly experienced dermatologists, cosmetologists and doctors
  • Our clinic is state of the art and equipped with modern machines, making it at par with international standards
  • We also offer one of the widest range of treatment protocols and customise each as per individual requirement

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several methods to tackle pigmentation and some of the most common pigmentation treatment include peels, laser treatment and microdermabrasion. However, the choice for your treatment will be dependent on the type of pigmentation that you have – this is something an expert should be able to suggest after an exam.

This is something that is dependent on the severity of the pigmentation – if the pigmentation is recent and mild, with proper treatment, you should be able to get rid of almost all of it. However, if the pigmentation is really deep and has remained over a long period of time, it could be permanent.

While skin pigmentation treatment can be done by dermatologists, there are some clinics that will provide you the services of a qualified doctor. For instance, if you come to AK Clinics, you can talk to a skin specialist doctor as well as highly qualified dermatologists and you will be advised a course of action, only after a proper examination.

If you really want to protect your skin against pigmentation, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make such as ensuring that you protect your skin, every time you step out in the sun. If you do have to go out, make sure that you apply a good quality sunscreen or wear appropriate clothing.

Staying hydrated is essential to overall good health – when you drink plenty of water, the body is able to flush out the toxins from the body. Proper hydration is also able to keep the skin nourished, which in turn can keep your skin healthy. Studies have shown that drinking water can help avoid and mildly reduce pigmentation.

Vitamin C has incredible antioxidant properties and if you include in your regular routine, you can see a difference in your hyperpigmentation. You can include it in your diet by consuming fruits and vegetable that are rich in vitamin C or you could use vitamin C serums directly on the spots of pigmentation.

In most cases, the pigmentation can be reversed, however, if the pigmentation is very deep and has been around for a long time, then there is a chance that the pigmentation becomes permanent. It would be a good idea to talk to an expert and get your pigmentation examined first and find out if it can be rectified.

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